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Hello everyone! I am one of the U7 coaches for Coplestonians FC. I go by the name of `Jonathan`, or `Jonny` by some of the little football stars in my age group. Although they have also addressed me simply as `Can we take penalties against you?`, but I digress!

Whilst I may be one of the newer additions of multiple volunteers that help to support Coplestonians FC, I can say for sure that the experiences and fun that they offer in the world of football is second to none in the Ipswich community. As a non profit organisation, they offer the chance to play football in so many ages groups, ranging from a `Pre Mini Section`, all the way up to a Veterans Team, and even a Walking Football team. In between, there are youth groups from U6s – U18s, all of which have multiple teams involved in each group, which highlights just how many players have come to call Coplestonians FC their footballing home, but it also highlights the number of volunteers that support the club, whether that is the club committee, coaches, for each age group, administrators and parents who want to be more involved.

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit everyone hard, with everyone making sacrifices, small and big, including not being able to even see friends and family. This has been no different for any small football clubs who have been unable to hold any sessions during the worst of these times. We know just how much the players, especially the younger ones, have missed the fun is being able to kick a ball around with their friends for even just an hour a week.

BUT! With the announcement that grassroots football is due to make a slow return, beginning on Monday 29th March, all our young stars have something to look forward to again, and We as a club and football family, want to return to giving everyone the best possible experience possible.

That is why, in order to raise money for this great club to continue in their goal, I will be cycling on my exercise bike at home for a total distance of 1,407km (874 miles). This is the traditional roadway equivalent of cycling from Lands End in Cornwall all the way to John O’ Groats in Scotland. This would be regarded as cycling from the southern most point to the northern most point of the UK mainland. I don’t plan to make this easy on myself, the resistance level on the bike will be quite high, and my objective is to complete this challenge within 30 days (1st – 30th April), meaning I would need to average 46.9km (29.133 miles) every day in order to achieve this.

I would like to ask you all for your support in contributing towards helping Coplestonians FC continue to offer such great football experiences to the community. Any donations received, no matter the size of it, will go towards ensuring the club can continue as an entity, to ensure that each age group is provided with the right equipment both to train and play, maintenance of facilities, registration feels and to make sure that the experiences offered to every player never falters.

As a non profit organisation, the key players of the club are all the players themselves, so even the smallest contribution or words of encouragement will go a long way to support them and the club.

Updates will be posted each day on here and the Coplestonian FC website and social media accounts so you can see how much progress has been made each day, as well as the total progress currently achieved (There will be picture evidence, I don’t plan to slack off on this!)

Thank you for the time and support, from myself and all the volunteers and players at Coplestonians FC!

Click here to goto the JustGiving Donation Page